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The offer is unattractive and will therefore not work, argues Karin Klein.

“Apart from that, poker and casino products have been left out. Do we really believe that an internet-savvy customer, who has always played casino and poker up to now, will no longer do this online in the future just because it is not part of the State Treaty on Gambling? Unlikely. It’s like forbidding a German to watch color television, you are used to it and you will continue to do it. “

Poker is a good example. Behind the USA, the Germans are most enthusiastic about it. Karin Klein calculates that 30 percent of net sales in Germany are achieved through poker games. That would currently be around six billion euros. Only the slot machine game seduces even more people, it is still considered the most dangerous form of game. However, the path to addiction leads more and more often via online games, explains Hartmut Goergen.

“Then comes the game of poker and, in particular, the danger of becoming addicted in the online area because you are simply not subjected to any controls here. You can do this anonymously at home, with your cell phone or smartphone. In this respect, accessibility and high availability are a factor that threatens people to become addicted. “

The number of those people whose gambling behavior is assessed as pathological in Germany varies between 250,000 and half a million, depending on the study.

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